2019 is a very special year for our company, because we are celebrating more than 25 years at the service of our customers. A milestone that we are very proud of because it has been a long road to become today one of the most prestigious and experienced companies in the world of fillings and coverage for industrial pastry.

Like all new ventures, ours was not easy. The founder and current partner of the company Don Miguel Arroyo Cardeñosa had its beginnings in the 70’s with a handcrafted pastry, however and due to the lack of companies at the time that manufactured an angel hair as required to fill their cakes, Don Miguel opted to start making their own jams with a texture and flavor that only he could achieve, thereby starting his own manufacture of this jam. From there, it is when this product begins to be elaborated, specialized in the different applications for the pastry shop.

In the 80’s the activity continues to be covered by other mercantile entities and it was not until 1994 when the company Arroyo Sánchez was founded, with the aim of specializing in the manufacture of angel hair and other pastry fillings. In this new stage, his children also joined the company, who have been concerned about maintaining the quality and service always until today.

Since then, production processes have improved, turnover has increased and Arroyo Sánchez has established itself as a benchmark company in the production of fillings for confectionery.

We share some photographs of our 25th anniversary, in the company of those who make it possible for us to continue growing day by day and the best asset of our company… our workers!

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