Very Typical in Majorca!, we leave this traditional recipe, with a simple elaboration and where the filling of angel hair really shines…

Ingredients for Dough

  • 1,000 grams strength flour
  • 3 units of EGGS
  • 100 Grams SUGAR
  • 5 grams SALT
  • 30 grams YEAST
  • 350 grams WATER (APROX.)
  • C/S Lemon zest
  • 1,000 Grams PORK LARD
  • 1,500 Grams Pumpkin jam “ARROYO SANCHEZ”


Knead following in simple system, sift the flour, together with the sugar, the salt, the mother mass, the eggs and the water. The yeast is reserved to be added at the end of the kneading.

You have to achieve a very elastic mass therefore, You must knead for a long time. Minimum 20/25 minutes. After 5 minutes, the yeast is added.

It Is spun by hand and let stand for 30 minutes covered with a dishcloth.

With a pasta roller with grease. The Heavy will be 70 grams, so that of 1,000 g of flour are obtained two dozens of Ensaimadas.

Once the dough has stored its first two rests, stretch the balls and cover with the fat. Stretch the left end forming a triangle and roll over itself trying to make it snug. Allow to ferment (slow fermentation) in a cupboard without heat between 12 and 15 hours.

After these hours, you must preheat the oven 200 º up and down.

We will put it and when they pass the 15 minutes or see Dora we will remove let cool very well and sprinkle with the sugar glass.

Paint with syrup When you remove them from oven.

Fill in taste with Angel Arroyo Sánchez’s Pumpkin jam

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