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25 years at the service of the confectionery industry

2019 is a very special year for our company, because we are celebrating more than 25 years at the service of our customers. A milestone that we are very proud of because it has been a long road to become today one of the most prestigious and experienced companies in...

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We reinforce our commitment to food security

We reinforce our commitment to food security by keeping our IFS FOOD certification one more year. Like every year during the month of October, our company was audited under strict food safety controls, with the aim of approving one year more the IFS FOOD standard....

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Pumpkin jam Ensaimadas

Very Typical in Majorca!, we leave this traditional recipe, with a simple elaboration and where the filling of angel hair really shines... Ingredients for Dough 1,000 grams strength flour 3 units of EGGS 100 Grams SUGAR 5 grams SALT 30 grams YEAST 350 grams WATER...

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German Kuchen of red berries

If you do not want to complicate your life, here we leave a fabulous recipe and very easy to make. Without a doubt, a dish that you can do perfectly at home and stay like a queen. Ingredients Mass 375 grams of pastry flour (about one and a half cup) 1 egg 30 grams of...

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The same dough as the dumplings is used, the difference is in the cut of the dough. In the case of the Pestiños, they are cut into strips of 3.5 cm. Approx. And they're given the form they want. After frying, empolvoran with cinnamon and sugar, as shown in step 4 of...

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