In Arroyo Sánchez we actively engage to contribute to a more just and equitable society, day by day we strive to carry out good social and environmental practices, here are some examples of this.
Our pumpkin, an environmentally sustainable crop

The cultivation of Pumpkin angel hair, is an excellent alternative that our farmers-collaborators can include in their crop rotations providing great benefits. The commitment to our farmers is to actively promote good agricultural practices to reduce environmental impact and ensure a supply of a natural, safe and quality product.

Angel’s Hair pumpkin is a very rustic plant, with exuberant vegetative development and a powerful root system that efficiently takes advantage of the subscribers contributed to the preceding crops, so that often does not need a contribution Important of additional mineral fertilizers. Likewise, this crop does not need chemical treatments frequently, So it has a small environmental impact.

Human team

Our labor relations are based on trust and commitment to our employees. We know that to keep a customer happy, we need to have a committed, excited and motivated work team. We constantly strive to achieve this goal through different forms such as time compatibility with the family, communication with our collaborators and empathy. We do an annual training plan, so that all our employees receive an adequate professional learning, in order to promote their personal development and their competencies, contributing value to our company.

We collaborate with handball sport

In Arroyo Sánchez we believe that physical activity It is the best way to transmit educational values and teamwork. For that reason, we actively participate in this work collaborating with the team of our locality of volleyball of Puente Genil, Ángel Ximenez.

We feel really proud to belong to this sports association!

Salem Cosmetic Puente Genil F.C.

For us it is a pride that children, young people and adults can practice a sport that much like football. Therefore, we are pleased to be able to participate and actively sponsor the soccer club Salerm Cosmetic Puente Genil. We hope to continue to support this type of initiative, because we know that through sport, we provide important values such as effort and teamwork.

We are members of Sedex

We are an active member of Sedex, one of the world’s recognized organizations for Manage our activities on labor rights, Health and safety, environment and business ethics. This way we have an even more reliable commitment with our customers and suppliers.

SEDEX has around 50,000 companies distributed in more than 155 countries, only in Europe has 18,000 members representing a total of 34 globally, we are proud to be part of this community where its main leaders believe in ethics and Responsible business practices.

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