Handball Angel Ximenez de Puente Genil

In Arroyo Sánchez we believe that physical activity It is the best way to transmit educational values and teamwork. For that reason, we actively participate in this work collaborating with the team of our locality of volleyball of Puente Genil, Ángel Ximenez.

The appearance of handball in Puente Genil dates back to the 1950s, being the only sport in the town where women and men have participated on a regular basis since its inception. Today, it is the only club in Andalusia that competes in the top men’s national category and has had its senior men’s and women’s teams at least one season in the elite.

Today they have 11 grassroots teams, male and female, which form more than 250 children in the Cordoba town in the values of the sport.

Pastelería Arroyo Sánchez S.L joins the club in order to support the Pontifical sport and in the line of continuing to promote values with which it feels identified: teamwork, solidarity, respect, fair play, promotion of health, equality and inclusion.

Salerm Cosmetics Bridge Genil Football Club

For us it is a pride that children, young people and adults can practice a sport that much like football. Therefore, we are pleased to be able to participate and actively sponsor the soccer club Salerm Cosmetic Puente Genil. We hope to continue to support this type of initiative, because we know that through sport, we provide important values such as effort and teamwork.

Francisco Gil Morales – Padel

Francisco Gil Morales, born in Puente Genil, he is one of the most experienced padel players in this discipline, from its beginnings to the age of 9, always stood out for its professionalism and desplanting. He began his career with tennis, but an injury took him away from the sport and bent him on the paddle. He has participated in major tournaments at the national level, placing for example among the top eight couples in the Andalusian Cup, he has also participated in the world professional paddle circuit “World paddle tour” ranking No. 83. He is currently residing in Madrid, where the trainings are carried out with couples who are in the Top Ten of this championship. In October 2019 he was proclaimed champion of Spain with the Federation Madrileña de Padel.

Undoubtedly a dedicated, charismatic and very professional athlete, for this reason our company has wanted to be involved and sponsor together with other companies, the sporting career of Francisco.

Aspet Tadevosyan, U14 World Champion of Fast Chess – Spain

He started playing chess at the age of 5, through the fianchetto Sierra Sur de la Roda de Andalucía chess club, where his skill was already highlighted by this discipline. At the age of 12 he was proclaimed runner-up of Andalusia and at the age of 14, he has won the world championship of “Fast Chess” held recently in Salobreña, Granada.

Aspet has been recognized by the Armenian Embassy in Spain, since his parents are Armenians, in addition the Consul himself of this country, has visited him personally to recognize his triumph. Also the mayor of the City Council of La Roda de Andalucía, where Aspet resides, wanted to congratulate the young player.

For our side, we are really proud of this achievement, because we know Aspet from a young age, his father has been a collaborator of our company for 10 years, so we feel with a commitment beyond the work. We hope that in the future, Aspet will continue to climb the various podiums of the world, because it deserves the place it has won, on our part, only wish you the best of success and that you can continue to have all our support so that you can continue to develop your Career.

Luis Marquez – Pontifical triathlete with great titles behind him

He took his first steps in the world of triathlon in 2010, at the Agua Fría Swimming club in Puente Genil, told that in the neighboring town of Herrera, a triathlon competition was to be held. For Luis, who at that age was only a child, this format was quite attractive and fun, so I have no hesitating to participate. This casual milestone, was the one that has led Luis Márquez to be one of the most recognized triathletes nationally. In 2014 he began to train more professionally with the club “Montilla Córdoba Triathlon”, this hook allowed him to win his first individual medal at the regional level, Crowned Champion of Andalusia Cadet, he was also junior champion of Andalusia for two seasons and champion of Andalusian U23 in triathlon.

Then in category junior at the group level, he won several medals in conjunction with his teammates, managing to be champions of Spain in triathlon, duathlon cross and aquatone per team. In 2018 they won a silver medal in the Spanish Community Championship on behalf of the Absolute Andalusian National Team, thanks to this last triumph managed to obtain the High Performance Sports Scholarship of the Junta de Andalucía.

In 2017 he achieved first international participation, with the Spanish junior triathlon team participating in the European Cup of Melilla, where he got a no27 position, which served to gain experience and keep progressing in this sport. This year is part of the group of Sevillian athletes, Del Club ADSevilla, where you are very satisfied by the trajectory you have achieved. We are delighted to co-sponsor to this magnificent athlete, we know he has a promising future and will continue to reap more triumphs.

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